Mercury 50-97949 50-47216 50-73531 Starter 20 HP

Code: STR97949
  • Mercury 50-73531, 50-97949 and 50-47216
  • Starter for 68-77 mercury  20hp outboard
  • Model:     Lightning 200


1 in stock

1 in stock


Mercury 50-97949 50-47216 50-73531 Starter 20 HP

Our STR97949 is a new starter for Mercury outboard engines made between 1968 and 1977.

It Replaces models 50-97949, 50-97949a1, 50-47216, and 50-47216a1, and comes fully

equipped with all necessary parts.

The STR97949 for 50-97949 Electric Start Starter is the perfect replacement for your 1968-1977

Mercury 20hp outboard engine.

This starter comes equipped with 100% new armature, housing with magnets, drive gear, spring,

spring retainer, drive end nut, end cap with brushes and springs.

Other attributes

The STR97949 uses new-style body and is designed for optimal performance and durability.

You will Like the custom CNC machined a billet aluminum drive end housing.

Much stronger than your end housing on the OEM Mercury 50-97949, 50-47216, 50-73531, made in the USA.

Get back to easily starting your boat’s engine with the reliability and quality of the STR97949.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your starter is built to last.

New Starter for 68-77 Mercury 20hp Outboard 50-73531, 50-97949, 50-97949a1 and 50-47216, 50-47216a1, STR97949

Fits 1968,69,70,71,72,73,74,75,76,77 Mercury lightning 200 20 HP Outboard

The products are available in the USA and ready to ship.

Description: Starter
OEM(s): Johnson Electric, Mercury Marine
Voltage: 12
Condition: New
Rotation: CCW
Starter Type: PMDD
Number of Teeth: 10
Gear OD: 0.882in / 22.4mm
  • 2.09 / Field Housing Diameter
  • 4.01″ / 102mm Field Housing Length
Weight: 2.91 lbs / 1.32 kg

Other Options if you already have a bad starter with a mounting end Plate

If you’re in need of a repair kit for your Mercury Marine 50-47216, 50-47216a1, 50-73531 or 50-97949, 50-97949a1,

we have you covered.

Our starter repair kits are also available and ready to ship within the USA.

100% New Armature, housing with magnets, Drive gear, Spring, spring retainer, Drive end nut,

End Cap with brushes and springs, (New style Body).

Our Repair Kit RK97949 and RK47612, Both made with same parts as STR97949 But,

Does NOT come with Drive end Plate.

In USA ready to ship

Get your Boat back on the water as soon as possible!

Repair Kits if you have a good mounting end  \/ Links Below \/

Starter Repair Kit for Mercury Marine 50-47216, 50-47216a1 In USA ready to ship

Starter Repair Kit for Mercury Marine 50-97949, 50-97949a1, In USA ready to ship

Additional information

Date First Available

‎ September 28, 2023

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