Trombetta S500-A6 Electronic Control Module

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2 in stock


Trombetta S500-A6 Electronic Control Module

Description: Control Module
Critical Notes: An External Contactor Must Be Used for Control of 24V Pull-In Coils
OEM(s): Trombetta
Voltage: 12/24
Surge Amps: 80
Condition: New
Surge Watts: 1000
Number of Terminals: 6
  • Reverse Polarity Protected
Application: Trombetta Solenoid Applications
Weight: 0.4 lbs / 0.18 kg

Trombetta’s electronic controls are special modules designed
to enhance solenoid performance by increasing force capability
and reducing operating temperature. Trombetta’s electronic
controls for solenoids regulate the magnitude of electrical drive
applied to the coil during the pull in and/or hold operation of the
solenoid to optimize the performance of the solenoid.

Voltage Nominal                          12 Volts                                 24 Volts

Voltage Input Min. Max. Range:                 10-32                             10-32
Max Load Current:                                         80                                  See Note 1
Max Power Load:                                  1000 Watts                           See Note 1
Operating Ambient Temp:               -20° C – 85° C                      20° C – 85° C
–                                                              -4° F – 185° F                      -4° F – 185° F
Actuation Time:                                          .4 –.6 Sec.                         .4 –.6 Sec.
Transient Voltage Protection:             200 Volts x 1msec.    200 Volts x 1msec.
Auxiliary Input Voltage Requirement:    8.2 Volt Min.              8.2 Volt Min.
Insertion Loss:                                       0.25 V / See Note 2     0.25 V / See Note 2
Maximum Cycle Rate: No faster than 1 cycle per second module only, see Note 3
Reverse Polarity Protection:                                Yes                                 Yes

1. An external contactor must be used for control of 24 V pull in coils.
2. Insertion loss is the voltage reduction that occurs due to the module.
3. Operating a solenoid pull in coil at this cycle rate may cause overheating. Consult Trombetta for high cycle rate applications.

Trombetta S500-A6 Electronic Control Module

Some applications require a high force capacity in a relatively small package. In order to achieve this solution, these
solenoids contain a “high” current pull-in coil and a “low” current, continuous duty hold-in coil. Once the solenoid
has pulled-in it is necessary to disconnect the high current pull-in, winding from the system and leave only the low
current hold coil energized to prevent coil burnouts.
Trombetta’s modules allow you to incorporate these dual winding solenoids into applications where they couldn’t
be used previously. These modules accept your 2-wire input plus auxiliary control wire, (12V or 24V) and applies
this input simultaneously to both the solenoid pull-in and hold windings. After a short period of time (.4 -.6 sec.),
the module timer/relay removes the power from the pull-in coil and leaves only the hold-in coil energized.

Additional information

Weight 6.4 lbs
Dimensions 3.4 × 2.9 in
Package Dimensions

‎ 3.8 x 3.4 x 2.9 inches; 6.4 Ounces

National Stock Number ‏

‎ 2920-01-474-5937

Date First Available

April 20, 2012


‎ B007W2NNNA



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  1. Kurry R.

    first one did not work at all which I got charge for anyways called another one did not last much longer. $75 a piece you can get a better one for less money on other websites

  2. John Picanza

    Worked like a charm!Correct replacement part.Very satisfied with the choice and selection of parts.Responsive order very appreciated.

  3. Jim Symons

    Good product, quick ship!

  4. Ivan

    Good OE replacement

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